NYFW Diary: The most repeated phrase heard at every fashion week. Plus: Diane von Furstenberg, Timo Weiland, Tommy Hilfiger & the music from the Altuzarra show

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Runway Image courtesy of ImaxTree

Diane von Furstenberg show started like many of the shows do, with the most repeated phrase heard at every fashion week. A photog from the pit—usually the same guy—makes the following announcement in a dry monotone voice: “Ladies and gentleman, if you are sitting in the front row, please uncross your legs.” But he doesn’t just say it once. He says it over…and over…and over. Making me wonder…just how many times has this poor guy uttered this phrase in his lifetime? If there isn’t enough uncrossing going on, another photog (or two, or three) will scream out “Uncross your legs! Uncross your legs!” in a more desperate tone. Eventually, the front row is deemed compliant (enough) for the show to start. It wouldn’t be
fashion week without this!

Celebs at DVF: Oscar de la Renta! Valentino! Sarah Jessica Parker! Google’s Sergey Brin??? There was a little card titled “What is that?” tucked into the show notes to explain why many of the models (and even Diane) were wearing high tech “Glass by Google” glasses with their turquoise and tangerine
colour-blocked caftans and jumpsuits.

Runway Image courtesy of ImaxTree

At Timo Weiland, oversized herringbone and houndstooth prints got mashed up into bright and playful combos of acid yellow and taupe. The prints were also done in an innovative copper metallic embellished with Swarovski bits which made for a pretty
sharp pencil skirt. These pieces would look cute on Chloë Moretz, who was sitting front row at the show.

Runway Image courtesy of ImaxTree

Tommy Hilfiger earned his stripes this season—literally—in every possible fabric and direction. (The colour palette, not surprisingly, was
red, white and blue.) The show almost started without a number of key editors who made a mad dash to the High Line show set from Zac Posen, which started late at the Lincoln Center. And finally, just because Saturday’s
Altuzarra show is still on my mind, here is the breakdown of the stirring runway soundtrack: 1) Alexandre Desplat – "Prologue" 2) Alexandre Desplat – "The Rendez-Vous" 3) Alexandre Desplat – "Letter" 4) Alexandre Desplat – "Under A Spell" 5) Cat Power – "Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)" Now, I’m off to download some Alexandre Desplat!

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