New York Fashion Week Day 2: People watching

Feb 11 2012 by
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I arrived in New York with just enough time to pick up my accreditation pass for
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and catch the Rebecca Taylor show at Lincoln Center. As I waited for the doors to open, I had my first chance to check out the crowd.
Fashion week is always full of eclectic dressers—the people-watching is one of my favourite parts. And I didn’t have to look far. I couldn’t help but notice the man standing beside me wearing a colourful graphic suit. “I picked out the fabric and had it custom made, I have lots of colourful suits in my closet,” he told me as he handed me his card. His name is Shail Upadhya and he’s a freelance stylist from New York. While he’s not the typical subject of
high-fashion-focused street-style photos, he’s definitely one of the people that keeps fashion week interesting.

Later in the day, as I took a break by the Lincoln Centre fountain—which is the top spot for
street style photogs—I got chatting with Monica German-Prestia of Like me, she had just come from the Rebecca Minkoff show. “You won’t believe who sat beside me at the show,” she told me. “This woman was wearing this big, shaggy white coat, you couldn’t even see her hands! I’m from Brooklyn,” she went on, “and this stuff just makes me laugh.” I’d only been at the shows a couple hours, but already, I instantly knew who she was talking about. “Oh yes, the woman in the Yeti coat,” I said with a laugh. “I saw her earlier. And look, there she is!” Just then, the woman walked by, then stopped and lit a cigarette as she tried to catch the eye of several photographers. The
Chewbacca coats and custom suits are just the beginning. There’s as much fascinating fashion to be seen off the runways as on.
What is the craziest thing you’ve seen someone wear to fashion week?

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