Hand embroidered shoulder pieces made of beetle wings by Myles Sexton.

Hand embroidered shoulder pieces by Myles Sexton. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Hooper.

By Corissa Bagan There is something very refreshing and energizing about designers who create products with unusual techniques or materials. For me, it has to do with the risk the designer takes and the thrill of unbounded potential. Myles Sexton, an incredibly unique and lovable new talent in the
Canadian fashion industry, first told me about his idea to make a line of jewellery using beetle wings in the spring of 2012 when we met at FAT (Fashion Art Toronto). The collection understandably took him two years to complete – thousands of wings were hand embroidered to form giant
statement necklaces, shoulder pieces, and, most notably, an entire
corset. From a functional perspective, the wings are a brilliant choice for jewellery. They are very durable by nature, yet they are almost weightless and sort of hang like feathers. They are also gorgeous, boasting a prismatic range of green, blue and purple jewel tones.
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