Montreal Fashion Week, Spring 2011: Day Four

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It’s raining men on Day Four of Montreal Fashion Week with kitschy beach boys from Ralph Leroy and urban nomads at Ezra Constantine.

By: Lara Ceroni

Ralph Leroy Aaah, finally. After three days of viewing the spring 2011 women’s collections at the
Marché Bonsecours, critiquing the season’s best dresses, lipstick shades and fave baubles, Day Four brought us into the world of men, and we welcomed the invite with open arms. First up, Ralph Leroy. The theme of the collection is inspired by the easy, breezy looks of the outdoor set: Kayaks lined the runway as buff beach boys in olive board shorts and linen t-shirts walked alongside their fisherman mates in crisp, white rain jackets and ruched, salmon-hued pants.  Stand-out pieces included a sky-blue peacoat with a paisley print and the army-green slim suit with exposed zippers. Very nice.

Ezra Constantine Walking into the
Ezra Constantine show last night, I was hit with a serious dose of déjà vu. The seats were empty. What the…? First
David Dixon on
Day One, and now Ezra Constantine on Day Four. The ironic thing is, is that Montrealers — journos, fashion-lovers, bloggers, whoever — missed two significant moments in fashion. Dixon, one of our country’s most-celebrated, set the expectation for excellence and polish right out of the runway gate, while the
boys of both
Ezra and
Greta Constantine fame ended
Fashion Week with the exciting promise of what’s to come in their future collections and the future of Canadian fashion. This happened on your doorstep, people, and no one was there to see it. Shame! Guilt-trip aside, the show was really the week’s best. Seriously slick urban nomads in stretch-fabric of all shapes and volumes: Loved the oversized, Rocky Balboa hoodie, the sexy mesh, cowel-neck t-shirts, and the droopy cargo pants with leather pockets.  Methinks this is a good look for a man: Strong, edgy and totally in control. What’s not to love?

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