Texturized hair and smoky eyes dominated the catwalks at Rud and Nadya Toto but in very different ways,.

Rud For the edgy little sister to
Rudsak, makeup and hair took a rock and roll twist. "We wanted the makeup to look like the girls did their own makeup," says Amélie Ducharme, artistic director for makeup at
MFW and Cover Girl makeup pro. Here are the steps to create this look:
1. To give the face a natural finish to the face, she applied Cover Girl NatureLuxe Foundation, keeping the overall look pale–"these are girls who go out at night–no tans."
2. On the eyes, using Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast in black, Ducharme darkened the eyes, and deepened the look using black Liquiline Blast Eye Liner Pencil over top. To give it a youthful, slightly messy look, she slicked on some clear lip gloss over top.
3. Brows were given a bleached out look by sweeping Simply Ageless Foundation with a mascara wand, and lips were treated similarly–dabbing on the same
foundation, which gave a matte, skintone pout.
Tip: Ducharme says there’s nothing you can do to keep your eye makeup from moving around and creasing when you slick on the gloss. However, to help set a cream shadow and keep it from migrating, she says using a big makeup brush and Cover Girl Tru Blend Micro Minerals will do the trick). As for the 
hair, creative director for hair, Denis Binet, had to manipulate the models’ overly clean manes to make them appear just-out-of-bed, "Braid, heat, mousse, hairspray. Take out braid, tease. Braid, spray, heat, take out braid," he says. Then just before the models stepped onto the catwalk, he worked in some Sebastien Matte Putty.