Madison Schill

Model stats
Dec. 11, 1993

POB: Oshawa, Ontario

Height: 5”11

Measurements: 34-25-35

Model roots: “The fashion industry has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. The artistry and complete genius behind fashion design has been something I have always admired, and I hope to work within the environment as a journalist in the future.”

Role model:
“I idolize Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss. They have such poise and grace in every aspect of their careers, but also don’t forget to be real people who laugh and enjoy life.”

Memorable moment: “Opening and closing Barbie by David Dixon last Fashion Week was such an honour, and something I’ll never forget.”

Model myths: “I think a common misconception is that models just stand around and look pretty. Modeling really demands hard work and perseverance—long days and late nights are part of the job, but we have to make it look effortless.”

Designer picks:
“Louis Vuitton never fails to astonish me, and I love the simplicity of Chloé. In Canada, I love Dsquared, Katrina Tuttle, Preloved and Rudsack.”

Personal style:
“I love mixing unlikely patterns and silhouettes together. My favourite off-duty outfit is my vintage floral-print high-waisted skirt, an edgy t-shirt, a boyfriend blazer and a simple leather bag. Big sunglasses are a staple!”

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Amber Pyper (Ford

Model Stats

DOB: Dec. 25, 1992

POB: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Height: 5”8

Measurements: 34-25-34.5

Role model: “Definitely Kate Moss-—she has a unique beauty and I love her style! I also think Natasha Poly is incredible.”

Model moment: “I loved shooting for Buffalo Jeans—-it was so much fun and I got to work with an amazing team!”

Music must: “I like to listen to Kings of Leon and Bob Marley. My favourite Canadian band is definitely Matthew Good Band!”

Runway mishap:
“I was doing a charity show for breast cancer, and I was given a wedding dress three sizes too big-—plus the runway was very narrow. I must have tripped about five times!”

Backstage beauty: “Putting white eyeliner in the botton rims of your eyes always makes you look more awake. My must-have product is Smith’s Rosebud Salve from Sephora!”

Fashion don’t:
“Tanning until you’re orange!”

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Kirsten Hassall (Ford

Model Stats
Oct. 19, 1993.

POB: Whitby, Ontario

Height: 5”10.5

Measurements: 32-25-35

Natural talent: “I was discovered at a bus stop when I was thirteen—-At first I thought it could be a cool way to earn some money, but my interest in photography and fashion has kept me motivated to pursue modeling.”

Model moment:
“One experience that will always stick in my mind was walking for Giambattista Valli at the ROM. The models had so much fun backstage and the collection was amazing!”

Personal style: “My personal style is comfortable but polished. It’s important to feel good going into castings because it really shines through. I love unique accessories with a vintage flair to dress up an outfit.”

Designer picks: “I love Marc Jacobs! In Canada, I’m a big fan of Wesley Badanjak because his collections keep getting better and better!”

Fashion don’t: “One trend I think needs to go? Oversize sunglasses—-beauty is meant to be seen, not covered up!”

Favourite summer cocktail: “H, 2 and O. I’m underage!”

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Mikayla Fritzke (Ford Models)

Model Stats
Jan. 28

POB: Brandon, Manitoba.

Height: 5”10

Measurements: 32-26-34.5

Natural talent: “I was shopping at a mall in Medicine Hat, Alberta when I was approached by a scout. I thought that the traveling sounded really interesting, and I was excited by the prospect of meeting new people.”

Designer picks: “I love Valentino’s gowns—-in Canada I’m a big fan of Katrina Tuttle. Her clothes are a great balance between practicality and fashion.”

Personal style: “My style is very laid-back and girly. When I’m off-duty, I usually wear boot cut jeans and a fitted hoodie.”

Favourite summer cocktail: “Shirley Temple!”

Guilty pleasure: “Sweets of any kind—- especially chocolate cake and gummi worms!”

Runway mishap: “The shoes for the very first show I ever walked in were way too big for me—-my feet kept slipping out of them with every step that I took!”

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Asha di Paola (Ford Models)

Model Stats
Feb. 21, 1995

POB: Newmarket, Ontario.

Height: 5”11 ½

Measurements: 32-24-34

Role model: “When I was growing up, my icons were Linda Evangelista and Tyra Banks. I also look up to Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs because they are fashion icons.”

Model moment: “My most memorable fashion moment has to be when I walked for Carlie Wong in my very first fashion week.”

Stomp beat: “One of my favourite runway songs is “I got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. I like that song because it keeps me in a good frame of mind while I’m walking.

Backstage beauty: “I always use MAC cover up stick for under the eyes, mascara and a touch of lip gloss. I like to add a little bronzer to my cheek bones to make them pop.”

Favourite summer cocktail: “Virgin Pina Colada!”

Guilty pleasure: “I have a weakness for ice cream.”

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Jeanne Bouchard (Montage)

Model Stats
March 22, 1993

POB: St-Bernard, QC.

Height: 5”10

Measurements: 34-25-35

Model roots: Before I started working professionally, I would take modeling classes in Quebec City. I always used to look at girls in major campaigns and think “I want to be that girl.”

Dream job: “I would love to do Victoria’s Secret!”

Model mishap: “Once I lost a shoe on the runway—-but I couldn’t stop to get it, so I had to walk the show with only one shoe on!”

Personal style: “I’m a jeans and a t-shirt type of girl!”

Guilty pleasure: “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!”

Backstage beauty:
“I always try to keep my skin clear and my hair healthy.”

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Kelsey van Mook (NEXT)

Model Stats
Jan. 14, 1992

POB: Vancouver, BC

Height: 5”10

Natural talent: “When I was 14, I was shopping at a mall with my friend when I was approached by a scout from NEXT. When I was a kid, and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always used to say ‘a supermodel.’”

Role model: “I really admire Adriana Lima—-she’s a true beauty!”

Designer picks: I’ve had the pleasure of walking for several Canadian designers while in Toronto and NYC—-but my favourite Canadian designer has to be fellow Canadian Jeremy Laing. He is so talented and his clothes are amazing!

Personal style: “My style is laid-back-chic. Depending on my mood, I dress differently every day. Sometimes I wear jeans, tee’s and throw on a pair of Doc Martens. Other days, I like to dress up more.”

Beauty best: I love two prong hair irons that give your hair that beachy kind of look. For dry lips I use homeoplasmine—- a lot of make up artists use it backstage.

Guilty pleasure: “The Hills!”

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Ryan Martel(Folio)

Model Stats
Feb. 24, 1993

POB: Montreal, QC

Height: 5”10

Measurements: 24-34-32

Stomp song: “My favourite runway song has to be Back in Black by ACDC!”

Designer pick: “Karl Lagerfeld is the most iconic fashion designer. There’s something really intriguing and thrilling about the idea of working for such a master.”

Backstage beauty: “As simple as it may sound, I always make sure to mix hydrating cream with foundation. And I never go anywhere without Smith’s Rosebud Salve!”

Model mishap: “This year in Montreal, one of my dresses was a little too large around my shoulders. With every step that I took, the dress slipped a little lower—-until everyone in the room got a good look at my breasts!”

Fashion don’t: “Pointed-toe heels are really something to avoid, especially with short leggings.”

Summer cocktail: “Virgin Pina Colada!”

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Delphie Laforest (Folio)

Model Stats
August 17th

POB: Quebec City

Height: 5”9 ½

Measurements: 32-24-34 ½

Model roots:
“I was working at the convenience store of a campground when I was found by a scout. I was curious to explore the industry because so many people told me I should be a model.”

Memorable moment: “My trip to Morocco for ASOS magazine was definitely something I’ll always remember-—It was the first time I saw Africa.”

Designer picks: “I really love Marie Saint Pierre!”

Backstage beauty: “I love when make-up artists do a face cream massage before they apply cosmetics. It’s great for the skin and so relaxing. I can’t live without Lancome Tonique Radiance—-I like to pamper my skin.”

Summer cocktail: “Apricot Brandy!”

Guilty pleasure:
“Gummi Bears!”

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