Meet the fashion season’s new face: Morta Kontrimaite

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Morta modelAlbanian model Morta Kontrimaite moments before her Prada spring/summer 2015 debut in Milan.

Morta Kontrimaite’s first name may not be especially auspicious—it means "death" in Italian—but her debut at Prada this week certainly was. I caught up with the 18-year-old Albanian model while I was doing the backstage circuit yesterday. I wanted to interview a first-timer because the Prada show is known to be one of the most coveted and nerve-racking modelling gigs in the circuit. (Some models make it through the casting and fitting hoops only to be dropped moments before the show begins.) For a novice, Morta was handling the scene with surprising aplomb. “After I did
Calvin Klein in New York, my booker said that Prada might use me,” she explained. “I’m feeling a little stressed, but to keep calm I’m just thinking about my family, my friends—and my life. I’m not going to think about all those people looking at me!” Gemma Ward opened the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Morta in that spot one day.
Curious to know what Guido Palau asked Morta and her fellow Prada models to do before the show? Thought so…

morta Prada sideburns

Guido Palau used Redken Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream-Paste and Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist to complete this low-ponytail look. The brows were accented with a thin line that Pat McGrath described as "hallucinogenic," adding that it brings a raw glamour to the look.

Guido Palau has been known to ask models to dye their hair before a show, but for Prada this season, his request was a little more modest. Just a little snip here and there along the hairline so he could create “boyish-like sideburns.” “This isn’t a sweet or romantic look,” he told the assembled gaggle of beauty journalists. “She’s a boyish, tough, punkish kind of girl with a little attitude.” Were the models nervous when he pulled out the scissors? “The girls aren’t so precious about their hair," he said. "I think if you started cutting the length, it would be a different story!” In terms of inspiration, Palau said there wasn’t really any reference point given to him by Miuccia Prada. “She’s not focusing on a period, like the ’20s or ’50s or whatever. She’s more interested in capturing a mood. It’s also about capturing a moment in a woman’s life. If the hair is too done, you know it’s fabricated…. There’s a lot of talk about minimal hair this season, but it’s funny how in its smallness, it gives a lot.”
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