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Mischa Barton is keen to branch out with a fashion line incorporating trends of the twenties, forties, and seventies.

Mischa Barton is planning a fashion line incorporating a variety of eras. The former
O.C actress already has her own handbag collection and flew to Beijing, China last week to meet with manufacturers to explore the possibility of expanding her venture even further. She explained: "It’s something I really want to do. It’ll be forties-meets-seventies with the occasionally bit of twenties – that sounds a bit random, but I’ll take elements of different decades. It’ll be a bit like
Biba, but with a real simplicity of cut and lots of bright colors. The fabrics will be great quality, and there will be lots of separates, like slacks and shirts. I want people to be able to mix and match." Mischa is currently based in the US but loves returning to the UK so she can shop. She added to
vogue.co.uk: "It’s my favorite city for style and shopping. I love Vivienne Westwood obviously, but I’m also a massive fan of Giles Deacon. He always puts on a great show, and his clothes are bit futuristic – but interesting and different too. You feel confident in them, but brave."
The actress recently admitted she thinks the key to the success of her handbag line is its low price points. "I think what really works for them is that we’re really able to keep the price point quite low, but still funky and cool. Some of them are not supposed to last forever. They’re more like fun bags, and then we have the more serious ones. We’ve been working on the proper like, doctor bags, the ones that do last a long time."
What do you think of the throng of celebrities who move into the world of fashion? Is it too much?

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