A picture I snapped backstage at Cavalli, which I got into using tips #1 and #2.

This season, I’ve snuck into (or backstage at!) so many shows that my face should be on wanted posters in Milan. Here are a couple tips to making it in with your dignity intact. 1) Even if you aren’t on the list, always say that your name is on the list. 2) If they say: "Is this you?" Say yes. No matter what. 3) The more determined and at ease you look, the less likely they are to stop you. (Case in point:
If you show up looking like a drenched, nervous wreck, they will definitely stop you.) 4) If you are trying to talk your way into a show, and get pulled into the venue to wait for the PR person, definitely take off when security’s back is turned and find yourself a seat somewhere near the back.