The co-founders of Montreal-based Maguire, Myriam and Romy Belzile-Maguire, have had one mission since launching their direct-to-consumer brand back in 2017: to make luxury footwear friendly. For the sisters, this means ethical craftsmanship with family-owned factories in Europe, transparency about production costs and a welcoming, accessible shopping environment that’s designed to be, above all, a no-stress zone. With Myriam helming the design side and Romy leading strategy and marketing, keeping the company running means all hands on deck for the duo and their small but mighty team of women.

With a mix of bricks-and-mortar shops (Montreal and Toronto locations), e-commerce and pop-ups across the country, their hybrid business model has allowed for adaptability and growth even through the worst of the pandemic-related setbacks. But as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and the sisters were quick to experiment, replicating in-person services online with features like a shoe-sizing tool that helps customers find the perfect fit without needing to step into a store.

This May, Maguire is celebrating its first international expansion, a permanent space in New York City’s trendy Nolita neighbourhood. In the spirit of standing out, the brand has used a vibrant palette for its spring/summer collection—which is a tribute to its signature styles—and has also launched its first-ever bridal shoes. Beyond plans to outfit the new flagship with locally designed furniture and art from their home city, the sisters are also committed to recreating the same welcoming, intimate atmosphere that they’re known for north of the border. “It’s the Canadian way to do business,” says Romy.



“We want people to feel good just from entering the store. It’s about making a space where they can hang out and not feel pressured to buy anything. When we choose a neighbourhood, we like to be close to where people live so they can go to brunch with friends and then stop at our store to try on some shoes just for fun.” – Myriam


“I feel like we’re going to want to wear something other than flip-flops and flats after more than two years of being at home. We’re thinking about what a party will look like post-pandemic, and it’s a question that we tried to answer with the spring collection. When people want to buy an essential piece, they think of neutrals. For us, it’s colourful and fun. It doesn’t have to be boring.” – Romy


“Transparency is something we would like to see more of in the fashion industry. Most Canadian designers have small businesses and work really hard. They should be more transparent about their process because there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. We believe that one day there’s going to be more transparency and it won’t be so special—it will just be the norm.” – Myriam

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