Emma-Roberts-June-2014-coverCher Park didn’t realize that our stylist,
Isabel Dupré, had selected one of her
Poprageous bathing suits for our
cover shoot with Emma Roberts. The young  L.A.-based designer also didn’t realize that she was involved in a heated battle to secure our June subscriber cover. “Someone tagged me on Twitter and I said,  ‘Oh, my gosh! What is going on? I need to win the cover!’ so I immediately blasted my 100,000 followers on Instagram and said ‘Please vote for me!!”’ By this time, Ms. Roberts had already tweeted out her love for the look urging people to
vote for #gogiraffe. Park’s suit eventually beat out the other looks from
Prada and
Saint Laurent. (Think David vs. fashion Goliaths!)
So what’s the story behind the giraffe?