Mariah Carey has always been a performer who’s not afraid to make a statement. Whether she does so with her powerful singing voice, through her lyrics or with her bold fashion choices, she knows how to command attention. Now, Carey is showing us another way to make a sartorial splash: with her latest jewellery collab. The pop icon and luxury-jewellery brand Chopard have come together to create two collections inspired by the butterfly, a symbol of transformation that has important meaning for Carey—Butterfly was the name of her 1997 album, which served as a turning point for her and symbolized a new-found freedom for the artist.

Carey worked alongside Chopard co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele to create her first collection, Chopard x Mariah Carey, which is made up of exclusive pavé-diamond fine jewellery, including a butterfly ring, winged earrings and a large butterfly necklace, all finished in Fairmined certified-ethical 18-karat gold. Happy Butterfly x Mariah Carey is what Carey calls “the more casual collection” of the two, and it includes day-to-day butterfly-adorned pieces like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings crafted in ethical rose or white gold and diamonds sourced from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

We spoke to Carey shortly after the release of her new collections about why jewellery is important to her, how this collaboration came about and how she likes to wear the pieces.

Do you remember the first piece you got that made you fall in love with jewellery?

“I don’t think it was a specific piece of jewellery—it was more things I saw in vintage movies [on] Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, people who were known for loving diamonds and having major collections. Originally, I didn’t wear much jewellery. It wasn’t that I didn’t know about it; it was just that I didn’t have much of it. Now, I am a little bit more particular and more of a collector, and I love the whole design element, so it was such a major thing that I was able to collaborate with Chopard. It’s literally a dream come true.” 

Is jewellery an important part of your performance?

“Yes and no. It depends on the moment. On some occasions, it is very important and people notice it; other times, I just feel like wearing a necklace.” 

Do you remember your first diamond? 

“I do, but it is a sad story—I can’t get into it. At some point, it needed to go on its merry way. It’s no longer around, but it used to be my lucky thing—or so I thought. I remember the first diamond bracelet I bought, which I still have, and I do quite love it. It’s a vintage piece.”

Just buy your own diamonds. 


How did this collaboration with Chopard come about?

“I always thought it would be amazing to have a collaboration, but I never dreamt it would end up being with Chopard. It was sort of a coincidence the way it happened. Caroline [Scheufele] sent me a personal note and a beautiful scarf with a butterfly theme. I called her and we started talking, and this is what happened. Chopard is the top tier of all things jewellery, and I am very honoured to be working with the brand. I think it is also important to say that Chopard is very conscious about the use of ethical gold and gemstones, and that was a major part of our collaborative discussions.” 

What does the butterfly symbolize for you? 

“I have loved the butterfly motif since I made my album Butterfly, which was years after I started [my career] but still early on in my life. That album represented me leaving a place that was extremely stifling and difficult and then having to emerge—which not every- body was sure I would be able to do because it was a very difficult moment. In terms of the symbolism of the butterfly, I think a lot of people have their own personal attachments to it. I see so many people that this symbol means a lot to.”

How do you like to wear your collections?

“The ‘Happy Butterfly’ bracelet, [which has] gold and butterflies on one side, looks great stacked. And I must say that the butterfly necklace from the fine-jewellery collection—with the three diamond chains on either side—is magnificent, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve known it since it was a sketch that Caroline did while we were working together, so it’s very special to me.” 

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