By Grace Carroll Feeling slightly better than the day before I decide it’s time to get myself out of bed, into those heels and back out to hit the shows of Day Three at London Fashion Week. With my new vintage leather skirt in mind, I leap to my closet excitedly to begin putting my outfit together. It’s black, A-line, to the knee and an autumn/winter 10 essential – score! I pair it with a silk leopard print blouse from Zara, Banana Republic merino wool cardigan, my trusty nude patent leather Marc By Marc Jacobs bag and a pair of staggeringly high hiking boot-inspired heels by Bamboo. Within half an hour I’m ready and out the door, racing to reach the tube. Hopping out at Holborn station I head over to Vauxhall Fashion Scout where I meet up with my friend Charlene to check out the new collections as a duo. Minutes after meeting up we are approached by the fashionable pair behind the website
Style By Queens, who ask to take a video diary of our outfits. Equally impressed with their outfit choices, we both ask if we can snap them for our LFW blog entries.The four of us are all sporting a mix of designer and high-street gear; proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune on every piece of clothing in order to look stylish — it’s all about how you put it together!