Vancouver born-and-bred designer
Nicole Bridger knows a thing or two about looking fashionable
and maintaining an eco-friendly conscious. Her feminine designs are not only flowing, earthy and flattering (thanks to a stint working with
Vivienne Westwood), they’re also made with ethically produced and sustainable materials. So who better to give us an insider scoop on
all things stylish and eco-friendly in Vancouver? Read on to find out Bridger’s Vancouver hot spots.
Vancouver love: Vancouver is one of our fave Canadian cities thanks to the laid back vibe, shopping and delish food, but for Vancouverite Bridger’s, "It’s home, I was born and raised here. My friends and family are all here," she says. Not to mention the scenery (wouldn’t we all love to wake up to the Pacific Ocean and a view of the mountains?) "I live close to the beaches, trees and mountains," Bridger explains.  "All while still having access to restaurants, live music and art."
Bridger’s top 5 things to do in Vancouver in the summer…
1. "Day at Wreck Beach"
2. "Bike or roller skate the seawall"
3. "Rent kayaks"
4. "Walk the trails in endowment lands or Stanley park"
5. "Go to the Jazz Fest or the Folk Fest"
Bridger’s top 5 eco-friendly things to do in Vancouver
1. "Visit local farmers markets"
2. "Pack a picnic in your bike basket and eat it at Locarno"
3. "Buy locally made clothing and jewelry"
4. "Support local artists, go to the East Side Culture Crawl"
5. "Eat at restaurants that source locally and offer Oceanwise fish."
Read on for Bridger’s top shopping hot spots.