Smiling really is contagious, as evidenced by the virality of Toronto jewellery brand Lisa Gozlan’s happy-face bracelet, which can be seen in glittering stacks on many a fashionista’s social media feeds. The eponymous line, launched in 2019 and helmed by Gozlan and her husband, Ryan (a fifth-generation jeweller), offers a contemporary reimagining of classic styles taken from family archives. It’s an idea that stemmed from Gozlan’s time working as a wardrobe stylist, when she had trouble sourcing high-quality pieces at affordable price points for her clients who wanted to mix, match and layer their jewellery. Gozlan’s foray into jewellery design began a decade ago, albeit accidentally. She made beaded bracelets to wear to music festivals and managed to sell everything off her wrists while there, which paid for her trips. Add in a few years, the rise of e-commerce and meeting her partner in life and business and Gozlan literally experienced a full-circle moment. “I had it in me, but I just didn’t have the infrastructure and knowledge at that time,” she recalls. “It’s weird how things are meant to be.” Armed with a keen eye for trends and a wealth of industry know-how, the duo is transforming the family business for the next generation. Offering everything from budget friendly everyday basics to one-of-a-kind and made-to-order pieces, they want their brand to become the destination for all of their customers’ needs, both online and off. With the opening of their Yorkville showroom last year, they were so inspired by the interactions and relationships created by the sensory space that more locations are in the works, including a U.S. expansion to Palm Beach, Fla., this fall.


“At the time when we launched the happy-face bracelet, everybody just needed a little bit of cheerfulness. I’ve been brought to tears by the number of people who write to us saying our pieces really make them happy. It’s been so impactful and valuable for me, and it’s the reason why we keep coming out with new designs. [I’m thrilled] that people have found joy in what we’re doing—that’s the most important thing.”


“Just keep your eyes forward, focus on what you want to do, stay motivated and [don’t give up]. No one’s going to be exactly the same as you. [As long as] you love what you do, that’s going to shine through and you’re going to be successful.”


“When we opened our first store, we felt its energy. When you have an online brand, you don’t see who your customers are. But you need that to get genuine feedback. There’s so much value and information that can be [gained] by having that face-to-face experience. It really builds trust. I want [our customers] to come in and have that experience where they say ‘This is a company that cares, and they want you to feel good.’”

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