LFW Diary: Fashion crimes, the photo-bomber strikes again & my highlight reel

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A look from Moschino Cheap and Chic. Photo courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

I snuck into a fashion show last night. I didn’t plan to—In fact, I fully thought I had been invited to the Moschino Cheap and Chic show and that my invitation got lost in the mail. But I showed up to the last show of the night all bright-eyed and bushy tailed (that’s a lie—I was hobbling from nine continuous hours of heel wearing) to discover that I wasn’t on the list. It was a mob scene outside of the venue. There were hordes of people milling about, a couple of security guards screaming at people to form a line, totally nuts. The very nice PR girl asked me to step inside the door of the venue so she could check for my name on her list. “I have O’Brien here,” she said. “But no O’Neill.” I was so sad. Then, she turned around and started talking to three other people, and I was already in the door, which is the hardest part, so I walked away as calmly as I could, found a seat for myself in the back and alternated between feeling so proud of my daringness and so scared that the girl with a clipboard would find me and kick me out.
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Here are some more highlights from Day 2 of London Fashion Week -Well, call me the professional photo bomber.
Here I am giving some serious side-eye to Alexa Chung, Kelly Osbourne, one of the Geldoff sisters (not the one that dropped the baby, the other one) and Poppy DeLevigne. I’m making some crazy faces again, but hey doesn’t my hair look good? -I loved Todd Lynn’s elegant nod to safari style, which sounds weird but was so beautiful. The Canadian designer showed a sophisticated collection inspired by
Heart of Darkness—think structured, super tailored jackets in muted tones (and even a couple prints, which is unusual for Lynn). The collection also featured 12 head-to-toe black looks for spring/summer 2013, and a bit of the designer’s signature leather. -John Rochas collection was inspired by the colours of the sunsets in the south of France. Backstage, the designer told me with a huge smile that “It was a very happy collection!” -I liked the cowboy cool vibe at Jasper Conran. The show started with horizontal stripes and elegant suits, not to mention gingham gowns and head-to-toe denim, but the standout for me was a very sweet patchwork maxi that closed the show. The models, including my cousin Chantal Stafford-Abbott, walked barefoot on a runway made of grass.

Patchwork chic at Jasper Conran. Photo courtesy of ImaxTree.com

FASHION WEEK, BY THE NUMBERS 8: The number of shows I attended 9: The number of hours I wore high heels 7 kazillion: The number of times I cursed my high heels 1: Number of cupcakes I scarfed down between shows. There’s an amazing little bakery five minutes away from the tents that shall henceforth be known as my happy place. 1: Number of times I missed the fashion bus. Damn you, fashion bus.
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