Celebrations are in order as 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the iconic Levi’s® 501® jean. A beloved style staple, the 501® jean is instantly identifiable by a classic straight leg cut that has stood the test of time to become a generational icon of culture and fashion. As the brand that birthed the blue jean, Levi’s® drives the denim industry with its world-class jeans — and the 501® design is its heartbeat. In honour of this momentous achievement, the denim label will be celebrating all year long.


Created in 1873, the 501® jean has since become the ultimate denim blueprint best known for its purposeful construction and functionality — as well as its effortless design made for all bodies. With 150 years of endurance under its belt, the adaptability of this jean and its ever-evolving fit is what has allowed it to thrive for over a century. The 501® family has constantly pushed the boundaries of culture and time with this signature style worn across generations, and in 2023 it continues to flourish.


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In a campaign labelled “The Greatest Story Ever Worn” the 501® jean is the common thread in a series of real-world stories that takes Levi’s® around the globe to tell the tale of this cherished clothing item. From a liberated Kingston, Jamaica during the 1970s to a funeral in California last year where attendees were asked to wear a pair of 501®’s, the legend of these Levi’s® jeans lives on.

To mark the occasion, Levi’s® is expanding the 501® line with innovative new launches from a limited-edition reimagination of the brand’s first blue jeans (the 1873 “XX Waist Overalls”) to new design drops like the Men’s 501® ‘54 and the Women’s 501® ‘81. With an emphasis on culture and brand affiliation, Levi’s® has also partnered with Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira and mega-influencer Emma Chamberlain to champion the label.


This year, Levi’s® will celebrate the consumers, employees and communities worldwide who have lent themselves to the legacy of the 501® design and continue to make this garment a wardrobe staple for all. To honour fans of this beloved blue jean, the brand will be offering up memorable experiences year-round to denim lovers across the globe through its social media channels, app, website and in store.

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