Karl-Lagerfeld-and-Noreen-Flanagan-WEBKarl Lagerfeld and EIC Noreen Flanagan going head-to-head during his recent visit to Toronto to launch the Art Shoppe Loft & Condos

The last time I witnessed Karl mania up close was a few years ago at the launch of the Chanel Cruise Collection in Singapore. I remember
describing the event as a gigantic trunk show for Karl Lagerfeld’s seriously committed “Chanelites.” There were a few journalists, but most of the 1,200 people were “A-list shoppers who wore their loyalty literally from head to two-toned-pumped toe.” Like frenzied superfans at a
One Direction concert, they were desperate to catch a glimpse of the silver-haired kaiser. It was the same mood Wednesday night in Toronto, when Karl showed up for the Art Shoppe Loft & Condos party. The designer was in town to celebrate the launch—and to meet with the developers to discuss his plans for designing the lobby space. As he made his way through the crowd—surrounded by bodyguards—the conversations stopped as everyone scrambled to be near one of fashion’s more magnetic characters. Nelia, from
styleblog.ca, got close enough to ask him to sign her Karl pin. “He shook my hand! I’m never going to wash it again!” she said, laughing. Sharon Ng Hayes, of
Backseat Stylers, opened her Chanel bag and showed me where Karl had signed it. “My hands are still shaking!” she gushed.

Sharon Ng Hayes-Backseat StylersSharon Ng Hayes of Backseat Stylers with her signed Chanel bag

So what does Karl think of superfans like Nelia and Sharon? Read on…