Karl Lagerfeld creates glassware

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Karl Lagerfeld has unveiled his first range of glassware in Paris, priced from $131 to $1,600.

Karl Lagerfeld has designed his own range of glassware. The German sartorialist has created a collection of crystal with Swedish specialists
Orrefors, and unveiled it at a launch in Paris yesterday this week . The range features pieces starting at $131 for a champagne flute and $1,600 for a large vase. Talking about the range, he said: "It’s not like cheap perfume bottles."
It is not the first time the
Chanel designer has turned his hand to work on drink receptacles – he has previously collaborated with Coca-Cola Light on a range of bottles. The limited edition collection was made out of aluminum and featured his own infamous silhouette – complete with pony-tail and a high collared shirt.
Coco Rocha and Baptise Giacobini fronted the brand in a typically Lagerfeld outfit of a white shirt and black neck time. Sadly, us Canadians weren’t invited to the party: The bottles are only available in France (tear).

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