Like many other Hollywood starlets, Elisha Cuthbert knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of fashion criticism.

"I once wore a Nina Ricci gown to an event, and Us Weekly said that I belonged on top of a wedding cake!"says the Calgary-born actress. As a guest judge on
Project Runway Canada, it was Cuthbert’s turn to do some dishing. "It was hard for me,"she admits. "You kind of want to go ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ but you also want to be diplomatic. There were definitely some ‘Oh, my God!’ moments — and not in a good way, either. But there were some really impressive designs as well."The designers’ challenge was to create a dress for a night out in Hollywood for Cuthbert. They were given a chance to interview the actress, who is best known for her recurring role on the hit TV series
24, as well as roles in movies such as
The Girl Next Door and
House of Wax. Cuthbert advised them to keep their signature style but also reminded them that she’d be making her decision based on what was wearable and "paparazzi-gotcha-proof."In other words, sheer fabric was out, as were slits and hemlines that would prevent her from getting in and out of cars gracefully. "I also told them that if they were going for something risqué on top, it had to be well put together. I didn’t want a wardrobe malfunction!"Cuthbert says that while it was tough to see one of the designers cut from the contest, the experience was amazing. "I love acting, but having talented people design something for me — and actually having a say in the final product — well, I couldn’t help myself. I was smiling the whole time. I loved it."

Fashion verdict: Now that Cuthbert is a fashion arviter, here’s her list of celebs who do — and don’t — measure up!

Best dressed: "Gwen Stefani. I love her style. She takes risks. Cameron Diaz; she always has amazing style and Rihanna; a real fashionista."

Worst dressed: "Elisa Cuthbert; God, I know I’ve been there! Also, Britney Spears; poor Britney! I can’t think of anyone else!"

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