Toronto Fashion Week, Spring 2011: Joeffer Caoc, Dimitrichris and NADA share a runway with Audi convertibles

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By Nancy Won, Photography by JJ Thompson for Audi Dubbed “The Art of Progression” this swank Audi-sponsored group show was the most highly anticipated presentation of Pre Fashion Week with heavy-hitting designers like
Nada Shepherd,
Joeffer Caoc and menswear designer
Dimitrichris joining forces.
The show took place at Evergreen Brickworks, the yuppie open-air farmers’s market, which offered plenty of space to schmooze as well as frosty temperatures for those in attendance. As you know, the fashion faithful don’t always choose practicality over style, leaving more than a few audience members shivering in their mini skirts. The first thing down the runway? A luxe Audi convertible, natch. And so it went, each designer’s runway show started with a fashion film x Audi commercial, followed by a new Audi vrooming down the runway while those of us in the front row tucked our already frozen toes under our seats.
First up was
Joeffer Caoc whose spring collection felt more like resort thanks to exotic jungle print maxi dresses, gold bikini tops and glam takes on nautical stripes. He also demonstrated the return of the top-knot in his model’s styling.
Dimitrichris showed pastel pinstripes that evoked a whimsical mix between ice cream man uniforms and men’s pajamas. Some of his more inventive pieces included hooded capelets, sleeveless suit shirts and sock garters.
After a five minute intermission (read: extra time for double-booked models to change hair and makeup)
Nada wrapped things up with retro tailored jackets, sequined tops and plenty of breezy electric blue goddess gowns. When the presentation wrapped and the lights came on, the runway was instantly flooded with blue-lipped fashion editors racing to the warm and suddenly very attractive comforts of the heated taxis waiting outside. The next day, all would exhibit the early signs of a cold. Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion.

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