During spring/summer 2022 Paris Fashion Week, photographers jostled one another on the street, hoping to capture the celebrities who came to see the Messika by Kate Moss runway show. The brand, which was launched in 2005 by Valérie Messika (the eldest daughter of world-renowned French diamond merchant André Messika), has become a go-to for those in search of young, modern, timeless diamond designs, and it counts Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Cardi B and Kendall Jenner among its fans. The event, a first for the jewellery label, celebrated the launch of a capsule collection created in collaboration with the British model and tastemaker and took place in the gardens of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Messika personally welcomed her guests—a mix of stars, fashionistas, journalists and fashion buyers that included Anna Wintour, Tina Kunakey, Evan Mock, Christian Louboutin, Camille Charrière, Camila Coelho and Negin Mirsalehi—with natural grace and effortless charm. After the show, we spoke via Zoom with the inspiring businesswoman, who is as multi-faceted as the diamonds she celebrates in her collections.


What lessons did you learn from your father?

“My father taught me that loving what you do and believing in your dreams gives you the energy to go for it. He worked so hard! He started as a courier in a diamond company, worked his way up to become a buyer-seller and then founded his own group of diamond dealers. He also taught me that it’s the people that make  up a business—that they are all links in the chain—and that without employees, a company is nothing. He’s a great leader who has always acted out of respect for individuals. As for me, I hope to help drive those around me.”

Did he do anything that you wouldn’t want to repeat?

“Yes. He always put work first. I try to manage my life with this  in mind. When I go on a business trip, I bring my daughters with me whenever possible. They recently accompanied me to the openings of Messika boutiques in the Middle East and the U.S.”

Why did you create your own jewellery brand?

“The diamond industry is a serious, formal world that’s anchored in tradition. I wanted to take this precious stone from its pedestal and democratize it. The women around me only talked about diamonds when they mentioned their engagement ring, but I wanted them to break free from this constraint. I wanted to turn the jewel into a fashion element that you wear as an accessory and that, above all, you buy for yourself. Messika’s creations are dedicated to women’s femininity and style. I want women to feel confident wearing them and to assert their beauty through our jewellery—the opposite of what we usually associate with diamonds, which still too often indicate power or status.”


What sets Messika apart?

“Our creations are designed to highlight the diamond, which should be in contact with the skin as much as possible—a bit like a tattoo—because there is nothing more beautiful than a diamond. We’ve made jewellery that you can wear with jeans and a white T-shirt and whether you’re 15 or 70 years old.”

How did your collaboration with Kate Moss come about?

“She was already an ambassador for the brand, and we were eating a galette des rois [epiphany cake] at the Ritz Paris. She started asking very specific questions about my designs. She told me that she is a real jewellery lover, that she collects it and picks up pieces when she travels. I asked her if she’d like to design a collection with me, and she immediately said yes. Later, I went to visit her in London and we opened her jewellery box for inspiration. She has a lot of vintage, bohemian and art deco designs, as well as Rajasthani pieces. People think of Kate Moss as a rock icon, but in fact she has a very soft, romantic and vulnerable side. We wanted to reflect this versatility in the show, which also paid tribute to her style.”

If we could only own one Messika piece, which should it be?

“That’s a difficult question…. The bracelet from the Move collection never leaves my wrist. And as I have a weakness for earrings, I wear ones from the My Twin collection. The pear-cut diamond can be removed, so you can easily deconstruct the look.”

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