Is H&M going to raise their prices?

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ishmgoingtoraisepricesImage courtesy of H&M

Sure, nothing beats the adrenaline surge of nabbing a totally covetable piece at a fast fashion retailer for only a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere, but H&M’s new initiative is a price raise we can actually get behind. That’s because H&M wants to better the conditions for their factory workers in Bangladesh. You probably remember reading about those horrifying fires that killed 1,130 people and injured 800 more when a textile mill collapsed last April. Since then, the criticism about the true cost of fast fashion has been mounting, and it appears retailers are finally starting to listen.

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Helena Helmersson, the head of sustainability at H&M unveiled a road map last month outlining how the company plans to pay their workers a living wage. As a result, price increases
"may be a possibility," according to Helmersson. Personally, I’m happy to pay more if it ensures the people creating my clothes are treated fairly. Would you pay more to improve the conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh?
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