Text by Kathryn Hudson We’re excited for our January issue to be hitting stands, so we can shed a little L.A. sun into your getting-dark-so-early days courtesy of our cover girl Kate Beckinsale (who is set for a blowout year in the theatres). I swear that I got a full winter’s worth of vitamin D during our cover shoot just by standing on the sweeping balcony of the unbelievable house in Pacific Palisades, taking in the palm trees, shimmering ocean—and Kate’s blindingly
sparkly bling. But here’s a little behind-the-scenes gossip. The whole shoot was almost postponed (causing the producer to have a mild freak out) when a hip hop star’s entourage nearly trashed the property during a wild video shoot earlier that week. Luckily, the photographers charmed the owners and everything went off without a hitch. We’re looking forward to sharing this issue—and the holiday season—with you. And we come bearing gifts: our 50 Ways to Be Better package will give you insider info on everything from scoring hot dinner reservations to beat boxing. See you in 2012!