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By Christine Lau When I asked
Tommy Ton of, at the
Lanvin for H&M media preview last night, which piece somebody would have to wear in order for him to “pic them”, he gave me an answer that perfectly summarizes fashion right now: “It doesn’t really matter which one, it’s a matter of how that person wears it. I think what’s amazing is you can probably put someone who has amazing style in one of these dresses and then put someone who doesn’t have any style in the real thing, and you’ll probably think that the H&M one is wearing the Lanvin.” Alber Elbaz was surely thinking the same thing when he designed this “greatest hits” collection of ruffled one-shoulder dresses, ‘50s tulle party frocks, and signature bow and sequin adorned tees. With price tags starting at $99.00 for dresses and $39.95 for t-shirts, there’s no reason why you can’t have your Lanvin and eat too. Obviously, like everyone else and their Twitter followers during the sneak-peak at the AGO, I was meticulously planning which pieces I wanted. I decided that I absolutely
need this dress in my life (It’s only $199.00, which is like one tenth of the price!):
And these shoes (At $99.00 a pair, I can buy the black ones too!):

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While I’m at it, I might as well bring this t-shirt and necklace home with me (It’s practically free at $39.95 each):
Oh, and did I mention how heart-stoppingly-adorable the garment bags are?! Can you imagine a closet full of them? To. Die. For.
When I asked fellow fashion media about their fave pieces, voices automatically raised five pitches and sentences ended with questions marks. “The sunglasses are pimp. I must have those. They’re very Beyonce’s Grey Ant style,” gushed Janet Han, founder of Fashionably Yours boutique and “I love all the dresses. If I were a girl, I would definitely be a Lanvin girl,” giggled Diego Armand of Would he be a pink Lanvin girl, or a black, or a yellow? “First and foremost, I would probably be a black Lanvin girl ‘cause they would be my uniform.” But what about the quality of the fabric in person? “I’m really impressed actually. I was kinda skeptical when it first came out,” Anita Clarke of admitted. “The kind of fabrics that you need to have to hold this kind of shape – it’s amazing…I’m so surprised that they’ve actually used metal components in (the necklaces)…which is very similar to what they’ve done at a luxury level…I expected it to be plastic.” “The fabric is almost identical to actual Lanvin because they actually use synthetic fabrics for their dresses,” Tommy Ton noted. Of course, the big question on everyone’s glossy lips was, how to get our can-hardly-wait hands on the coveted items when they hit stores November 20. Christopher Sherman from Fashion Television gave me these tips: “This year they’re doing something very different to prevent bodily harm to customers…There’s going to be a numbered wristband system that allows people to get better access to different things instead of hoarders taking racks of their desires.” (There went my plans.) “Also, think big and know what you want. Plan ahead. This is very important. Pick key pieces. Important sizes, and shapes that are different so you can get at least your hands on one or two of your dream items…When the doors open, it’s a free for all.” What did he think of the collection itself? “I think it’s incredibly exciting. I have proudly watched men and women beat, kill and trample each other for the other collections by covering it (for Fashion Television). I think this one may cause a few deaths.” And here I thought Rachael Zoe was the creator of "I die".

Watch the video of Lanvin and H&M: Behind the Look Book

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