Since the mid-2010s, thrifting has become millennial and Gen-Z’s main mode of shopping. During peak pandemic, online resale websites, made it easier for shoppers to find one-of-a-kind pieces without the in-person hunt. In particular, Poshmark — a peer-to-peer online marketplace, where you can find your dream pair of vintage Levi’s or the perfect chunky ‘90s boots in a few swipes — has been on the rise for the last few years.

Anne Zarifa, a Montreal-based mother of three, turned to selling on Poshmark full-time in order to spend more time with her kids. She grew up thrifting with her mom, and has now turned it into her dream job, both shopping and selling on the resell platform.

We chatted with Zarifa, about her experience on Poshmark and her top tips for selling.

What was the first piece you sold on Poshmark?

“One of the first pieces I sold on Poshmark was a pair of brown leather platform clogs followed shortly thereafter by a vintage Yves Saint Laurent white button up dress shirt. Both were such classic, timeless pieces, able to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. I’m obsessed with high quality vintage clothing, so I mainly source and re-sell these items.”

What is the most memorable piece you’ve found and bought off of Poshmark?

“I’m a vintage lover through and through, so my most memorable Poshmark purchase is definitely a pair of vintage Levi’s 516 straight leg jeans. They are a perfectly worn in 90s straight leg jean that go with everything.”


5 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

1. Source high quality items

Source items that are in excellent condition, but also know that buyers will still buy pieces with flaws if they are well noted and documented in the listing.

2. Create your shop’s personal style

Show a little bit of your own style through the pieces you select. For example, I’m a huge fan of neutrals and naturally gravitate toward these, but I also offer clothes in a rainbow of colours once a week during my Poshmark Live Show.

3. Have a mix of trendy and classic pieces

Be aware of not only fashion trends but also classic styles. In addition, Poshmark offers trend reports to Poshmark Ambassadors with info on brands and categories which are selling well. It’s very possible to source second hand items which read very current.

4. Offer a variety of sizes

Think about garment shape (construction) and fabric composition which might allow pieces to fit a variety of sizes. For example, knit open front cardigan sweaters with dolman sleeves can fit a variety of sizes and body shapes regardless of the tag size.

5. Make great listings

Take clear and detailed photos with good lighting and write descriptive listings to make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for when they are searching. Also, include flat measurements so that buyers can have a better idea if the piece will fit well.