jully-black-finalPhoto courtesy of Swarovksi.

By Kerala Woods

Jully Black–Canada’s queen of R&B–has had a great year. First, she was co-host of the Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill (even
posing for a selfie with Prime Minister Stephen Harper), she just celebrated a birthday—“I was on stage, my favourite thing to do,”—she says,—and she’ll be ending the year on a high note, performing at the unveiling of the Swarovski Crystal Wonderland at Yorkdale this evening. “It’s not just some corporate gig,” Black explains over the phone from her hometown of Toronto. The Swarovski Crystal Wonderland reveal is held in support of The Hospital for Sick Children, a cause close to her heart. “My sister Maria, she’s a Sick Kids baby, she has arthrogryposis. It’s because of Sick Kids that she was able to have her surgery and go to regular school.”