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Fur has been one of the biggest (and most controversial) fashion trends of the past few seasons and its dominance shows no signs of slowing down. The international fall fashion shows prove it: From the
vibrant dyed toppers at Gucci, DVF and Louis Vuitton to the remixed sable, fox, chinchilla and mink numbers at Fendi, designers pushed this classic
cold weather look to the next level. So whether your fall fashion style is sleek and shine-y or wild and shaggy, there’s no shortage of furry options to choose from, including fabulous faux-fur pieces that offer all the cozy chic warmth of the real thing, without the guilt. This is however one fashion trend with style landmines a-plenty from questions of colour and pattern to the oh-so dangerous issues of proportion and volume. Want to avoid looking like Chanel’s famous fashion show fur monster? Here are our tips on how to make the fur fashion trend work without channeling Where
The Wild Things Are.

DO pair fur with leather. Or
faux-fur with faux-leather. It’s one of those classic style combos that can’t go wrong. Go aviator-chic with a shearling and leather flight jacket or take a cue from any number of models off duty (think Lily Donaldson, Erin Wasson, Hyoni Kang, Maryna Linchuk) and contrast the fluffy fullness of a fur vest or coat with the sleek badass-ness of slim leather leggings.
DON’T even look at that technicolour dream (fur) coat. The psychedelic stoles at
Prada’s spring 2011 fashion show and the jewel-toned furs at Gucci may have looked glamorous on runways, but in real life draping yourself in impossibly soft and fluffy (faux) animal fur is attention-grabbing enough. Adding intense pop colour to the equation is well past overboard and, well, bordering on costume-y. Fall fashion is about keeping it classy, so stick to neutrals.

DO buy a belt. Wearing fur usually goes hand in hand with volume control. Pair a fluffy fur vest up top with leggings or skinny jeans below. Or try reining in the furry by tempering thick layers with a skinny belt worn high on the waist. Fur can be a posh fall fashion statement but if you’re not careful it can also wander into yeti territory. The idea is for YOU to wear the fur, not the other way around.
overlook accessories. You may be lusting after that luxurious (and ridiculously overpriced) Mongolian fur vest but when it comes to fur, you don’t have to go big to get noticed. It’s amazing how a posh fur stole, hat or purse can add instant glam to an outfit. For a more subtle approach incorporate touches of fur in trim on boots, gloves and parkas.

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