Q: I am 5ft 1in. (and a half!) and 95 lbs. What styles look elegant on a small, petite frame? I find that most things (casual and formal) are either too long/big or do not fit me properly.

A: We all have those events to go to where we need to look elegant. But sometimes it can be hard to find something elegant that is also appropriate to your body type. For this reader question I asked my friend Cher Rowe (Marketing Manager) at Mills Brothers in Halifax for her tips on elegant, petite dressing.

It’s best to play it safe when you want to look elegant. Keep your outfits simple… monochromatic and streamlined will be best suited for your small frame. Stay away from bows and ruffles, on a smaller frame they can over power you and make you look more child-like than elegant. Keep with the classics like a well fitting dress, black suitings, and simple colours. Try to purchase petite sizes if possible, because the fit will be better for your body.

Q: I am petite with an hourglass figure. What are must have items for people with my body type?

A: To answer this question I went straight my favourite stylist Leila Bani, who has worked with the cast of Canada’s Next Top Model Cycle One. Here are her suggestions!

You don’t have to be worried about finding great clothes to fit a petite hourglass figure. You have one of the best out there! Your curves are great and will look fantastic in any of the items listed below. Nipping in your waist will only accentuate your shape and keeping skirt lengths no lower than the knee will make you appear taller. So, go ahead and flaunt what you have!

Must-have for a petite hourglass figure:
1) A waist cinching belt to accentuate that wonderful shape.
2) A slim pencil skirt no lower than the knee.
3) A wrap style dress.
4) A blazer or jacket with a nipped in waist.