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Tommy Hilfiger’s new Tommy line gives preppy a quirky twist

By Christina Reynolds and Phoenix Tarampi

Christina: Models wearing layers of faux fur vests, woolly boyfriend sweaters and oversized toques braved last night’s sweltering summer heat to show off Tommy Hilfiger’s new Tommy collection at a launch party at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. While most of the models were mercifully standing beneath a/c vents or near strategically placed fans, guests, such as myself, were sweating it in light summer dresses as the party room filled up.
Despite the heat, the cool cold weather clothes made it easy to get excited about the new “eclectic preppy” collection, which is exclusive to Canada (it will be available in October at two Tommy stores in Toronto, one in Edmonton, and at 14 existing Tommy Hilfiger stores across the country). The ELLE crew loved the collection’s relaxed, vintage look that included bright pops of colour (a thick grey scarf with chartreuse pockets), touches of subtle sparkle (navy sequin tap shorts), updated nauticals (cropped melton wool peacoats), and distressed motorcycle boots in soft browns. We also loved the chunky necklaces and other accessories dangling from antlers, reindeer heads and other stuffed wildlife that adorned the room. After mingling a little while longer, those of us who couldn’t take the heat headed for home…while others partied on…

Phoenix: Instead of going outside where it was just as hot, I drifted toward the air conditioner vent, and bumped into a friend of mine from school. We started talking about the looks. The styles reminded me of cottage weekends in December, but without the lumberjack plaid attack. Just to add to the effect, the walls were covered with antlers and stuffed birds adorned with jewelry. Once the guests got a good 360º view of all the new looks, the models were moved downstairs.  Finally, the air conditioning started to flow and conversations migrated away from how sweaty everybody was to how fun a lot of the clothes looked.  Even the stuffed buffalo head on the wall looked more comfortable.
We moved downstairs into the bar and back room. It was much more spacious and we were greeted with champagne and a DJ. The models were arranged in three rows on a stage at the back of the room. Think sixth grade class photo. Partygoers were much more comfortable schmoozing under dimmed lights and with room to breath. Tables were littered with old-school mini flipbooks of girls dancing around at a party. You know the ones, where you draw a slightly different image on every page of your notebook and flip through really fast to make the stick-man run? Yeah, those. Once the Class of 2011 photo shoot ended, the models were released from their seats and wandered around the crowd, chatting and dancing in their Tommy gear. It made everybody feel like they were part of the ad campaign. The stage opened to groups of friends who could film their own six-second video that was printed into a flipbook to take home. As the evening continued into night, the models transformed from mannequin-like statues to very well dressed (and rather rowdy) party animals like the rest of us. The buffalo head upstairs was very jealous of the stuffed owl on the bar counter.
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