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I caught up with Canadian model Coco Rocha during LG Fashion Week

By Noah Lehava

Smartly dressed attendees sipped on blueberry cocktails under a haze of purple lights at the swanky Roosevelt Room Supper Club last Monday night. As Old Hollywood films from the roaring 20s were projected on the walls, a French DJ spun the latest mixes – great juxtaposition if you ask me. Toronto socialites, festooned in fur and lace, hung around while
Coco walked the red (actually, it was black) carpet. The Canadian beauty took her time answering questions for journalists and bloggers alike. When my turn finally came, I sat down with the self-proclaimed homebody and chatted about her fave beauty products, her upcoming clothing line and much more.
On being back in Canada for LG Fashion Week So many of Canadian models leave Canada and are done with it. There are so many people that are excited about what I do here, that it isn’t fair to leave and never return. Doing little things like this excite me. I can do a show in Paris and I never feel the same honour as I do here.

The Roosevelt Room Supper Club

What are your favourite Toronto hot spots? It’s called my dad’s basement. My dad and step mom live outside of the city, so we hang out with family and watch TV.
On the Vogue shoot of her NY apartment. It’s for sale! I think we will move to Brooklyn – just across the river. We need to be close to the city because of both of our jobs. The funny thing is, that we think we are these homebodies that are going to live with a backyard and then once we do, we are like ‘what are we doing here?’
What’s next for your career? Any new projects? We just had our final meeting for my clothing line [
OhSoCoco]. I am excited to say that next spring/summer I will have something out for people to see and have. I want to make sure that the line is accessible, affordable and fashion forward.
What is  your fave fashion trend for Fall/Winter? I have to say that I’m into faux furs. I have some sheep fur and even vintage fur but the worst thing with vintage furs is that I’m leaving a trail.
What are your 3 beauty must-haves? I’m very fair skin so I can’t have foundation that’s too thick. Rimmel has some perfect stuff that goes on and gives me a bit of colour. Other than that, it’s the contour and black eyeliner. I can live with those 3 things and I don’t need anything else.
On being followed by Kanye on Twitter. That’s funny. I just found out why that is. It’s because I’m in a song of his called "Christian Dior Denim Flow". The 16 models he follows are mentioned on the track.
Coco, Kanye and
ELLE Canada on Twitter
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