Holiday gift guide: 5 shopping tips on how to buy jewellery

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Photography by Neil Mota.

Even if you can’t afford diamonds for your best friend, or you’re not at the stage to give one to your girlfriend this Christmas, jewellery is a still a thoughtful and unique gift this time of year. But shopping for jewellery—to give to a friend or significant other—is a delicate art that requires some digging and time to perfect. To help, Lindsay MacMillan, owner of
ELLE Hardware in Toronto, offers her
pro shopping tips.

1. Creep their Facebook page. If it’s someone you’re friendly with but don’t see all of the time, “go through their tagged photos to get a sense of what they’re already wearing,” says MacMillan. “Use it as a visual reference.” Are they a bangle person? Or do they have a
colourful go-to statement necklace? “If so, you don’t want to buy anything that will compete with that.” If you notice that they wear mainly gold or silver, then stick within that palette.
2. Gentlemen, stay away from rings. Seriously, just no. The addendum to this is that if you’re married and already given her
the ring, then it’s all good. Otherwise, handing her a tiny little box could lead to the ultimate unintended and awkward surprise reaction you weren’t hoping for.
3. Know your friends. Are her ears pierced? Or does she have any allergies? (If so, you’ll want to buy nickel-free pieces.) And if she has a favourite bracelet or necklace that has sentimental value, buy something that will complement it, not attempt to replace it.
4. Buy local. If the piece is made by a local artist, it’ll be easier to get help for sizing adjustments or repairs later on, says MacMillan. Or ask if there’s a recommended local jewellery repair shop to turn to for said requests.
5. Get a gift receipt. This is just smart shopping advice all around.
You tell us! Are you buying jewellery for anyone on your list this season?
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