Holiday 2012 spotlight: Canadian fashion personalities share their favourite holiday traditions

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Lisa Tant, VP,  fashion editor, Holt Renfrew. Photo by Norman Wong.

continuing our holiday poll of a few of our fave Canadian fashion personalities and this week we’re delving into their fondest holiday memories to find out what traditions they’ll be participating this season – we’re already inspired to try out ourselves this year (or maybe even tag along? We’ll bring cake, just saying.)
What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Every year, we cut our own tree from a farm just north of Toronto and then decorate it with a mix of family heirloom ornaments and new ones inspired by the season. This year, I’m inspired by the signature snowflakes that are hanging in every Holt Renfrew store. I also love the Kurt Adler wooden snowflake ornament."
—Lisa Tant, VP, fashion editor, Holt Renfrew "Every year during Christmastime my family gathers all of our clothing, boots, coats and hats that we don’t need and give them to the local clothing bank. This year more than ever I can’t wait to do this because my style has really transformed throughout the past year from being in the fashion industry, and I’ve got plenty of great clothes to give! Giving is one of the best feelings in the world, and there’s no better gift you can give than that of joy on Christmas."
—Dauphine, model, Elmer Olsen "Gathering with family, offering presents and drinking champagne together."
—Denis Gagnon, designer "My favorite holiday tradition is preparing our X-mas tree and stockings the night before. Getting wakened by the little ones in the household early Christmas morning to unwrap our X-mas stocking while still in our pajamas, followed by opening our presents and a huge brunch. One of the best days in the year."
—Nicole Comeau,
ELLE Canada fashion week street style photographer
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"My family and I always celebrate the holiday season by watching
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We make a smorgasbord of tapas and holiday snacks, get cozy under a pile of blankets with our two pugs, and laugh the afternoon away. Even though the movie is only 97 minutes long, it lives on for the rest of the holidays; we have been known to re-enact our favourite scenes at the dinner table and randomly belt out quotes throughout the house: “Fixed the newel post!”
—Kendra Hagerman, blogger, "I always look forward to getting some down time to enjoy my other passions, like salsa dancing."
—Rachel Sin, designer "Ever since middle school, I love to play secret Santa. Though I break the rules most of the time, it feels great to surprise people. I also take as much part as I can with a few charities. Makes me happy to put a smile on one’s face, especially around the holidays."
—Dajana, model, Elmer Olsen "Going to my parents’ house and decorating the Christmas tree with my mom and my sister. After a very busy year, I love just being able to hang out with my family."
—Bojana Sentaler, designer, Sentaler Coats "My favourite holiday tradition is post-Christmas shopping. Not only do I get to unload all my gift cards but there are often some great sales."
—Andrew Lovesey, Toronto-based editor and ELLE Canada contributor

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