Holiday 2012 spotlight: Canadian fashion personalities on what they’re indulging in over the holidays

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Photo of Andrew Lovesey. Image by Patrick Lacsina.

Just remember that when you’re reaching for that second (or fifth) chocolate macaron over the next few days, so are we. And so too are
your favourite Canadian fashion personalities reaching for their signature festive treats and cocktails. Raise a double-chocolate dipped biscotti and celebrate the seasonal indulgence – workout starts next year.
What’s your favourite holiday treat? "My mother’s homemade shortbread cookies, with Christmas-coloured sugar sprinkles."
—Andrew Lovesey, Toronto-based editor and
ELLE Canada
contributor "I’m a chocolate fanatic. I’ll be treating myself….and my guests of course with chocolate shortbread and milk chocolate caramels dusted with sea salt."
—Lisa Tant, VP fashion editor, Holt Renfrew "My favorite holiday treat is a dessert from Eastern Europe called Bombice. It’s cookie dough mixed with ground nuts and sprinkled with coconut. Google it, they’re amazing!"
—Dajana, model, Elmer Olsen "Champagne! Like the rest of the year in fact!"
—Denis Gagnon, designer
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"Well since I’m 17, I’m still not able to taste those yummy cocktail drinks. Although, I must say I can still get my holiday treat in a yummy drink I always make at home during the holidays. I make peppermint tea and crush up a candy cane inside to give a bit of sweetness, it’s delicious and SO easy! I recommend to anyone who wants a nice, warm festive drink this holiday season!"
—Dauphine, model, Elmer Olsen "My friend Blair’s cookies; growing up, all my girlfriends and I would get together to make them. Blair would do all the work and each of us would contribute by picking a treat to add to them (a totally fair distribution of tasks). I highly recommend candy cane bits, peanut butter M&M’s, or Junior Mints. We all live in different parts of the country now, but whenever Blair visits with me, I make sure I have all the required ingredients, just in case."
—Kendra Hagerman, blogger, "Starbucks Crème Brule Latte with whip creme."
—Rachel Sin, designer "I stick to the basics. I like to unwind with a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon."
—Bojana Sentaler, designer, Sentaler Coats
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