En route to a press conference in photographer Peter Beard’s home in New York. "As you can see, this was before colour photos were invented! I was on my way to be introduced to 64 members of the press. I was terrified! Love the Cleopatra eyeshadow. Ah, to be young, beautiful and black."
’80s Metropolitan Museum of Art gala. "I was decked out in gold, and the jewellery was by Robert Lee Morris, who collaborated with Calvin several times in the ’80s. Calvin and I were very nervous; we never liked formal affairs-we were more comfortable going to clubs together-but we managed to smile through it!"

August 10, 1991 At the late Herb Ritts’ birthday party in Culver City, Calif. "I have no idea why I wore this wig! It was very Madonna in the ’80s. It must have been a bad hair day-but if you’re going to wear a wig, why not make a statement out of it? I was the hit of the party. The guy in the background is my friend Teddy Antolin, who set me up with my husband, David [Bowie]."

December 4, 1999
At the opening of the Christian Dior boutique in New York. "John Galliano sent this for me to wear to the opening; he said it was very ‘African queen.’ It was a beautiful party with a Studio 54 atmosphere. We stayed up way too late!"
’00s October 19, 2001 At the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. "It’s a miracle that I didn’t end up in the ‘What was she thinking?’ section, but fashionistas loved this outfit. I wish I could blame Patricia Field for the styling, but, alas, it was all my idea."
May 23, 2002 At the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes, Iman is wearing the flawless 203-carat pear-shaped De Beers Millennium Star diamond. "I was wearing the biggest diamond in the world! I had 15 bodyguards-both men and women. The women even had to follow me into the bathroom! John Galliano designed a simple dress in order to showcase the necklace."

October 30, 2003
With Philip Treacy at the Fashion Group International’s 20th Annual Night of Stars in New York. "Philip created this fantastical hat for me to wear; I had to find a dress that would go with it. I chose a beautiful, simple dress from Language and topped it off with a Lanvin leopard coat. It was over-the-top but in a very English fab, eccentric way. The beautiful jewellery was from Fred Leighton. Liza Minnelli mistook Philip for my husband, which made his night!"
November 9, 2006 With Anne Hathaway at a Keep a Child Alive event in New York. "This was my first time hosting The Black Ball fundraiser with Alicia Keys for Keep a Child Alive. My hairdresser didn’t show up, so I had to do my own hair. Valentino made me a special dress for the event."

June 4, 2007
With David Bowie at the 25th anniversary of the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards in New York. "My dear friend Robert Lee Morris, jeweller and artist, was being honoured. I wore a vintage Donna Karan, since he had collaborated with her for many years. He created a necklace that cascaded down the front and the back to go with this dress. As you can see from my husband’s face, he’s not a fan of these nights!"

June 17, 2008
At a fundraiser for then Senator Barack Obama at Calvin Klein’s home in New York. "What a night! It was full of promise for the future. It was a small dinner party at Calvin’s apartment — it was spectacular. I was wearing Oscar de la Renta head to toe. I had gone to the showroom that morning and borrowed it."

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