Hayden in Tom Ford at the 2014 Golden Globes. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

We’re happy to report that—after a few days of unexpected dress drama sparked by the 2014 Golden Globes—Hayden Panettiere and Tom Ford are now totally fine. Here’s what went down: 1. On the Globes red carpet, Hayden gushed about her black-and-white Tom Ford dress. 2. Ford’s PR team quickly stated that they did not "officially" outfit Hayden, as they 
dressed Naomi Watts in a sleek, silver numberand their policy is to loan out only one gown per awards show.
3. It emerges that Hayden bought, not borrowed her dress. The world freaks out. 4. Tom Ford sends flowers to Hayden along with a lovely note, which Hayden posts on Twitter.