Look your absolute best at your next holiday party with these tips and tricks!

With the festive season fast approaching and your social calendar taking a massive hit with endless soriees and celebrations, there is no better time to find a pretty party frock. Five of our favourite Canuck designers share their tips on how to choose a dress that’s guaranteed to impress – whatever your mood or occasion.

To impress
If you’re aiming to make a distinct impression on your boyfriend’s parents or at the office holiday party, the effect should radiate sophistication and elegance. “Try a simple black dress and think Audrey Hepburn,” says Toronto fashion designer David Dixon. “Accent it with a piece of dramatic jewelry with a story attached to it – something cool you picked up on a great holiday or a family heirloom. It should be something that can provoke a deeper conversation with a little bit of personality.”

To dance in
To look gorgeous while you let loose, consider a fluid fabric and a hint of shimmer, but don’t over think it. “Don’t plan it too much. Go with your mood,” advises Toronto-based designer Annie Thompson. “Red, pink, black, blue, green or all of the above? Tight, loose, frilly, whatever!” A free-spirited attitude should match a dress that allows for movement on the dance floor.

To hide a figure-flaw
Maybe you indulged a little too much at the buffet or are looking for some comfort from a baby bump. Whatever the case, covering up your mid-section doesn’t have to look unflattering. “A longer silhouette with fluidity at the bottom will make you look slimmer,” says Montreal designer Marie Saint Pierre. “And a nice cleavage will work miracles.” A monochromatic palette will keep the overall look long and lean. Accessories can also play a role in diverting attention from any trouble spots.

Photo courtesy Attit Patel

To party-hop in
We can’t all be changing our outfit every nanosecond, à la Lindsay, so when you’re moving from one bash to the next, simplicity is your best bet. “The classic little black dress always does the trick,” gushes designer Izzy Camilleri. “You can go party to party and always feel appropriately dressed. Black will also hide stains that might happen along your merry way!”

To stop traffic
“One word: red,” says designer Paul Hardy. “The color will definitely make people have a double take. Do not be afraid of the hue. There is an overwhelming boost of self-confidence you receive just by having it on you.” Make an impact without saying a word.

Photo courtesy Attit Patel