Hanging with Mulberry at the Wilderness festival

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Cara shows off her signature Mulberry bag.

There’s something so appealing about the idea of a quintessentially British weekend, right? (Especially given our collective
Downton Abbey obsession and Sam Smith’s radio domination.) Well, I can think of nothing more Brit-chic than hanging with luxe brand
Mulberry at the
Wilderness festival, outside London. Now that my Wellies are dry, let me share the best of the fest with you!
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Picnicking with celebs Walking through a gap in a stone wall, just past the edge of the festival grounds, I was surprised to find a chic Mulberry garden party in full swing. Mulberry floral and plaid blankets covered hay bale benches, huge bunches of gold foil balloons glittered in the sun, and the sound of champagne corks popping almost overpowered The Jackson 5 jams pumping through speakers. All of this action faded into the background when model Cara Delevingne came springing into the party. And I mean, she literally bounces like Tigger with seeming endless enthusiasm and energy. She was there to celebrate the
launch of her collaboration with Mulberry (which we lusted over in the September issue of the mag) so her Oxblood bag was the star of the show. (And trust me, it was a beauty. It can even be converted into a backpack, which makes sense given the on-the-move model!)

These Brit celebs (and one Aussie, hi Sam Reid!) know how to have a good time.

Not to be upstaged? A gaggle of Brit celebs! Sure, there were rumours that Prince Harry would swing by the party, but I had the pleasure of chatting with some of kingdom’s coolest up-and-comers (
Check out a round up of party pics here). Douglas Booth, of
Romeo and Juliet fame, was as sweet as summer peaches. (He offered to unplug his phone to charge mine. That’s basically the modern equivalent of a Shakespearean gesture, right?) Holliday Grainger, she of the enviable pout from
The Borgias, was
rocking a quilted emerald Mulberry bag that inspired green-eyed jealously in basically anyone who noticed it. The theme of the party? All things local! After all, the brand prides itself on its bags being made in the UK so it was only fitting that logo picnic hampers were brought out, filled with delights like tiny carrots grown by the sea and crab and celery-heart sandwiches. To finish off the al fresco meal? Nettle ice-cream floating in mead (which is basically ancient honey wine). Delish.
And after the sun set… After donning Mulberry wellies (because, obviously we needed
rain gear, it’s England!), we tramped out to check out the festival grounds where costumes abounded. Apparently it’s a proper Brit tradition to dress up in anything from a full pumpkin suit to a Jack Sparrow costume to attend a music festival? (Let’s bring that deeply entertaining tradition over to this side of the Atlantic, people.) It turns out that the Wilderness festival, tucked into the British countryside just about two hours outside of London, is as much about the food as it is about the music. (Although the music lineup is amazingly eclectic: Burt Bacharach one day, Sam Smith the next!) Continuing with the Brit-theme, we stopped into the pop up by legendary nose-to-tail restaurant
St. John. If you can call it a "pop up!" Waiters in white jackets served braised lamb and pigeon terrine at communal tables under a white canopy. Wine flowed and the din of a good dinner almost drowned out the Burt Bacharach concert bringing down the main stage just a few hundred meters away.
And after a night of glamping… After working off dinner in The Valley, the costume-heavy DJ party in the forest, we staggered to bed in our chic rent tents (which were thankfully tough enough to stand up to the battering of rain that went throughout the night. No Glastonbury mud-slides here, thanks very much!) The only thing left to do? Shake the rain off my poncho and head back to London for a quick shower at
Claridge’s (basically the most beautiful hotel in London, and possibly the universe) and then jet back to the airport. That’s a lot of British living, all in 24 hours. What’s your ideal festival weekend?
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