Fight club Halle Berry and her ex, French Canadian model Gabrielle Aubry, have been in a messy custody battle for months, but
things were extra heated yesterday when Aubry got into a brutal brawl with Berry’s fiancé, Oliver Martinez. The fight was so bad that both men were sent to the hospital, and Aubry has been placed under arrest for battery.
Verdict: Slow clap because I’m picturing the fight scene from
Bridget Jones’ Diary (plus, could two more smoking hot men exist???) but single tear because that’s a horrible thing to happen, especially on Thanksgiving.
Susan’s Album Party Susan Boyle was rocketed from obscurity this week when her PR team accidentally started a frenzy on Twitter.
To spread the word about Susan Boyle’s new album launch, her PR created the hashtag #susanalbumparty, inviting thousands to “sus anal bum party.”
Verdict: Apparently I’m 12 years old because I laughed about this forever.
The pits Karlie Kloss was shot by Mario Testino for
Vogue Spain and to say the image looks weird would be an understatement–
it appears that poor Karlie has acquired a third armpit.
Verdict: We sincerely hope that’s a photoshop thing.
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