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Crickets You know it’s a slow news week when the top story on is “Holly Madison Likely To Wed This Summer.” Yikes! Is she a thing? I don’t get it. It seems that all the celebrities are on their best behaviour leading up to the Oscars—so apologies for the reality-TV-centric post.    Verdict: I want Oscar season to end so that celebs can start behaving badly again.

Style Talk Season five of the
Rachel Zoe Project is set to air in March, and new trailers for the show suggest there was
some truth to those rumours that her new line isn’t faring well. “A lot of the pieces that go down the runway don’t do well on a retail floor,”
Zoe is told in the preview.  Later, Zoe and her husband have a disagreement, and he says: “I just want it to be commercially viable, that’s all…[Keep your] eye on the prize: sell clothes, sell clothes.” Rachel responds: “That’s not what it’s about.”
Verdict: Now that’s a storyline I would watch. Slow clap.
America’s Next Top Model All-Stars winner Lisa D’Amato fell down and
broke her face because of a freak accident on the set of her new movie
Cowboys and Indians. “I broke my nose last night folks,” she tweeted, along with a
very icky photo of her busted mug. “Got rushed to the plastic surgeon and now I’m finished…I’ll be back to normal in a month. I hope I like my new nose!” Apparently the model was trying to do a handstand against a crew member when she tumbled over. Ouch.
Verdict: Single tear for her face.
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