Florals? Leathers? Tailored looks? Am I really looking at Jeremy Laing’s fall/winter 2012 collection? Has the minimalist, modernist designer taken leave of his design senses? “To keep engaged, you have to give yourself different challenges and be open to where they take you,” said Laing, when I met up with him at a Paris showroom last week. “This time, I wanted to do more tailoring with the jackets; it just felt right.” His tailored separates—like the moulded-shoulder knit sweatshirt—still capture his Asian-artsy architectural style, but last season’s
digital prints have been replaced with bleach-stained abstract and floral designs. “I wanted to move away from digital, loudly defined, symmetrical prints. I think I’m done with that. Instead, I wanted to create reactive bleach prints. So it’s not just something on the surface of the fabric; it reacts with the fabric to create something that is more organic, tactile and sensuous.”
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