The theme for
Michael Kors’ fall/winter collection was "urban survival." Kors told
WWD that he was inspired to explore the sometimes inherent tension between athleticism and luxury after he had to slum it at The Mark hotel during/after Hurricane Sandy. If you read my "Day in the Life" blog series (
part 1,
part 2 and
part 3), you’ll see why this survival theme resonated with me. I’ve put together a photo essay of my adventures from the backstage to the front row. (Okay, it was the third row, but you get the idea.)
 1: I love it when there’s clear signage! (For someone who is direction-challenged, this is appreciated. Greatly.)

2: Model watchers can always catch snaps of their fave runway stompers as they mill about outside the tents.

3. Before you enter the backstage area, you first sign in at a press table. They give you a badge and then you walk by burly (imposing—but usually friendly) security guards. (This fella wouldn’t let me take a photo of his face. I decided it was best not to press the matter.)

4. It’s always a bit of a zoo backstage, so my first goal was to find the hair and/or beauty command centre and look for my intended interview subjects. In this case, it was Dick Page (for makeup) and Orlando Pita (for hair). Here’s Pita putting the final touches on one of the male models.

What did he do for the women’s hair? Hint: It involves material he purchased in a sex shop. Check it out.