By Noah Lehava
There are many things women endure for their love of fashion – trust me, I’ve suffered a lot. High heels are without a doubt a part of every woman’s wardrobe – who can resist stunning creations by
Alexander McQueen or the red-hot soles of
Christian Louboutin –unfortunately so are the painful blisters that come along with them. If you’re teetering on your platforms all night long, you don’t want to hobble home. Our savior? The super cute foldable flats by
Damn Heels.

These simple ballerina flats fold up tightly to fit in most purses. Although they are only available in black at the moment, I have some inside information that we’ll soon be seeing them in silver and gold.  The ultimate selling point of these adorable slip-ons – the packaging converts into a reusable bag for your sky-high stilettos. On your next post-party walk home, slip your feet into these comfy alternatives.
Photo from Damn Heels