What is it about denim that’s so hot, year after year? According to Holt Renfrew’s Erica Yeu, contemporary buyer for womenswear, it’s because denim is casual, sexy and comfortable. “You can’t beat the combination!” she says. While the looks change from season to season, from runway to runway, denim never seems to go out of fashion. The styles may change, but denim is a veritable fashion staple.

“It goes with everything,” says Erica. “We can dress it up or dress it down. Plus, the brands are ever evolving to provide us with new silhouettes (like the skinny), new washes and new pocket treatments that continue to pique our interest.”

OK, so the hot denim trend is still the skinny jean — and if the thought of it gives you fearful flashbacks to the ’80s, you needn’t worry. These skinny jeans are far from tacky. It’s slim, stylish and super-sexy. We asked Erica for her expert advice when it comes to shopping for this hot trend.

ELLE Canada: What should women know about buying skinny jeans?

Erica Yeu: You can’t buy skinny jeans without thinking about the right top and the right shoes. A long, lean top that hits at hip level or below is the perfect top. An empire waist top that billows out over the hips will work with wider hips and a leaner, body-skimming jersey top will work with a boyish silhouette. A flat shoe works back to a longer leg with boyish hips. High heels or a heeled boot will work back to a hippier woman or a woman with short legs.

EC: What are your buying dos and don’ts?

• Try on everything. A skinny jean from one brand will fit entirely differently from that of another brand.
• There are three widths to choose from — straight, skinny and super-skinny. The easiest and most widely appealing will be the straight jean. It is closest to a boot cut and will flatter most women. If you are more comfortable, then move on to a skinny.
• To hide figure flaws, try the new skinny black jean. With a lean black top and heeled boots, it will hide those hips and will create a long, lean silhouette.

• Don’t be afraid of the skinny jean.
• Don’t worry too much about the brand. Worry more about the fit and make sure that you’re comfortable with your pick.
• Don’t shop alone but don’t bring a gang of friends. Bring along that one friend whose opinion you trust the most.

EC: Can every woman find a skinny jean that works for her?

EY: I would say that 80 percent of all women will find a skinny that works for them. It is not an easy silhouette for most women to get used to but with the right top and shoes, it can work for pretty much any woman.EC: Can you provide us with suggestions of jeans that will work best for the following body types:

Seven Dojo Bootcut , Seven Jagger Boot, Paige Hollywood Hills Boot, J Brand Skinny

Seven “A” Pocket Flare, Paige Laurel Canyon Boot, any Rock & Republic jean, Antik Denim, Hudson Jeans, True Religion.

Pear shape
Flare jeans are the best. Try Seven, Rock, Citizens, Fidelity and Taverniti. For skinny, try straight leg jeans. It will balance out the hips much better than a super-skinny jean.

Boy shape
J Brand would probably be the best brand for this body type. She can also wear a super-skinny jean. We have a new brand from the UK called Superfine that will work beautifully.

Athletic shape
This body type means a narrow waist and wide shoulders. She can wear any style of jean. To elongate the body, wear tunic style tops that will minimize the width of the shoulders. She can also pull off the super-skinny if she also has narrow hips.

Hourglass figure
This is probably the most problematic as most jeans will have to be taken in at the waist. Similar to a pear shape, the flare jean will work the best. For skinny, try the straight leg. Seven, Citizens, Fidelity.

Flare, boot or straight leg jeans. Try Seven, Citizens, Taverniti, Fidelity.

Low-waisted jeans are best, while flare jeans may be too overpowering if your legs are short. Boot or skinny jeans will work best with this body type. Try ones from Seven, Citizens, J Brand, Earnest Sewn, Gold Sign. Remember to wear heels unless you are perfectly proportioned in which case you can wear flats.

Go shopping!

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