|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week report: Corsets, bridal chic and a cool way to wear peplum

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An Audrey Hepburn-inspired look for Starkers! Corsetry runway show at |FAT| Arts and Fashion Week.

As if stepping right out of a scene from
Corpse Bride, the corseted models with feminine, cupcake flares on Starkers! Corsetry runway exuded darkly classic Tim Burton grandeur. “It’s Audrey Hepburn meets
The Munsters!” designer Dianna DiNoble tells me backstage after the parade of her underwordly bridal gowns at
FAT Arts & Fashion Week. The theme for day three of the city’s edgiest alternative fashion event is fittingly, Body Scapes. Early on in the evening Vanja Vasic, FAT executive director, warned us there would be
corsets and DiNoble’s collection of silk, chiffon and satin gowns boldly lived up to Vasic’s claim. “My inspiration this year was actually offbeat brides,” says DiNoble, the corsetiere behind the whimsical line of one-of-a-kind couture bridal gowns, made out of her Toronto-based studio since 1992. Her standout piece? The closing black chiffon gown with a giant headpiece, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s
My Fair Lady doppelgänger. “My fingers are still bleeding from the beadwork!” she adds, laughing.

Starkers! Corsetry by Dianna DiNoble at her show during |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week.

DiNoble tapped in to a niche—should we say fetish?—market in Toronto, creating beautiful bridal wear that has a shelf-life beyond the wedding day. “Nobody wants to have their wedding dress stuffed in the back of their closet for life,” she says. “They want to be able to wear it out to New Years Eve, cocktail parties, fashion shows.” She also isn’t lamenting the loss of the white satin gown that designers like
Oscar de la Renta have happily dismissed for a collection of red dresses for the Spring 2013 bridal season. “Red, bright pink, black with ivory, orange—
brides are getting all kinds of bright colours that just make them happy.”
What other fashionable bed-ready looks at FAT caught our eye last night?

  • Pastel lace lingerie, earth-toned draping capes and flushed-pink cheeks for Briar Rose’s Lost in Arizona collection
  • The most unique spin on the ubiquitous peplum trend we’ve seen thus far? Fanned skirts in black and teal latex for House of Etiquette’s fetish collection. We couldn’t get enough of those matching red leather gloves, either.
  • The label’s name says it all—barely there black and white gowns for Cinched Tight Corsets bondage-style collection.

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