Welcome to the first Friday Fashion Round-up, our weekly compilation of fashion news and style gossip from around the web. Get excited, people—Andre Leon Talley has landed his own Bravo reality show. The series is tentatively titled
Fashion Stories of NYC and will follow four design teams as they create collections under the watchful eye of ALT himself. We predict Talley’s show will include voluminous, dramatic capes, punchy catchphrases and guest appearances by famous besties Whoopi Goldberg and Tyra Banks.
[Coco Perez] Speaking of
Tyra Banks, the latest episode of
America’s Next Top Model had contestants vying to appear on the runway during Toronto Fashion Week. The girls were sent on castings to designers Martin Lim, Triarchy,
Pink Tartan and, of course, Attitude Jay Manuel. At a later photo shoot, the models were challenged to pose wearing strategically placed autumnal leaves while someone dumped maple syrup all over their heads. Just like we do it in Canada! [
America’s Next Top Model] Have you ever heard of Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis of Germany? Apparently she’s a real person with a real job as the editor-at-large for
Vogue. And she has a Twitter account. Sample tweet:
@ElizabethTNT: “Sprinted in 25 min late and MK show had started! Impossible to get to my seat…So I climbed to the standing section & saw the show from there. Guess now I know what it feels like to see a show standing! It sucks!”