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Happy day off! The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and you can sleep in until noon for three days straight if you feel like it. Unfortunately, there’s never anything to read on the Internet over long weekends. But don’t worry, cause we’ve got you covered: Here’s our round up of the top stories and gossip in fashion world this week.

File this under hilarious April Fools Day pranks. On April 1st, Fashionista reported that Kanye West was in final negotiations to take over at Dior. In other news, I motion for the whole fashion community to take a break from speculating on Dior rumours until someone has been formally announced. I’m all Dior’d out. [
Fashionista] Speaking of Kanye, he’s dropped a new single called “Theraflu” that addresses his foray into the fashion world.  “Dinner with Anna Wintour, ran with Anja Rubik/  I told you it was more than the music.” Then, later, “We flying with the parakeet, floatin’ with no parachute, $6,000 pair of shoes, we made it to the Paris news!” Am I the only one that thinks that Kanye has the soul of a poet? [
Perez Hilton] Here are words I never thought I’d type:
Tom Ford is opening an outlet store. It has a tentative opening date of July 15th  at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley New York. You probably still won’t be able to afford anything, though. [
Lucky Mag] Karl Lagerfeld’s been in the news a lot this week. First it was revealed that he had sent a pile of Chanel handbags to Adele to apologize for the whole
“fat” fiasco. Then, the May cover of French Architectural Digest, which the Kaiser guest-edited, was revealed. According to WWD, Lagerfeld admitted he used to write about decorating for different French glossies under the pseudonym Magnus Dancourt. Magnus is his middle name, and Dancourt, because “it’s very French.” [
Have you heard about Samantha Brick yet? I read her whole opinion piece with my mouth wide open. Brick wrote a “woe is me” story for the Daily Mail chronicling how hard it is being
really, really, ridiculously good-looking. “I’m no Elle MacPherson,” she writes. “I’m tall, slim, blonde and so I’m told a good-looking woman.  But there are downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.” Kind of reminds me of when
Jessica Biel told Allure magazine that she was too pretty to get the good movie roles. Right. Moving on, then. [
Daily Mail] Don’t call her boho, says Sienna Miller. The
“toothy” actress told British Vogue: “I hate  the word boho so much now. I suppose I am inherently bohemian in terms of the way I am as a person, and I definitely went through a hippie phase with my style…Now that I’m a bit older, I do appreciate tailoring much more than I used to. My personality is still very laid back. Even when I put on a power suit I still look like a hippie!” [
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