Fast fashion Friday: Your weekly style scoop starring Donatella Versace, The Devil Wears Prada sequel, Lagerfeld versus Travolta & more

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Donatella Versace—sans ring. (Thanks, Liz.) Image courtesy of

Donatella Versace was interviewed at Oxford University yesterday, and—of course—did not disappoint. After proclaiming that she wants to dress Queen Elizabeth in black leather, she told a delightful tale about the time Elizabeth Taylor robbed her. She said: "My brother collected vintage jewellery and I was wearing a ring that he had given me. Elizabeth said in this extraordinarily breathy voice: ‘Darling, I love your ring, may I try it?’ And she didn’t give it back! She put it on and breathed, "Oh darling, thank you, you didn’t have to do that.’ But I hadn’t!" [WWD

Hey Steve Madden, what’s it like working with the Olsen twins? “Painful. Painful,” he told Fashionista. “They are very demanding, they’re very tough…they are difficult, they are exacting, they are a pain in the ass. But they’re very good though.” Madden has worked with MK and Ashley for the last five years on their Elizabeth and James shoe line, as well as a recent Superga sneaker collab. [
Fashionista] This has the potential to be either really awesome or totally awful:
Devil Wears Prada scribe Lauren Weisberger has announced plans to write a sequel to the beloved book turned movie. Titled
Revenge wears Prada: The Devil Returns, the story follows Andy Sachs, now the editor of a bridal magazine, who crosses paths with Miranda Priestly again. I reacted to this news the same way I reacted to the news that they’re making an
Arrested Development movie. Cautious hope, and a fervent prayer to the universe: “Don’t screw it up!” [
More stylish scoop, featuring Kate Moss and the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld…
Our favourite eccentric genius Karl Lagerfeld burned John Travolta in the press this week. Lagerfeld was asked at a party who he would like to massage. “I hate massage and I don’t believe in massage. I hate to be touched,” Lagerfeld replied. No one, then? “No. I’m not John Travolta.” [
The Cut] Did you read Buzzfeed’s awesome list of why supermodels were better in the ’90s? I die for the picture of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss eating ramen noodles. [
Buzzfeed] And, because it’s an extra gloomy Friday afternoon, here are a couple viral videos to brighten your life: First,
a wedding proposal that will restore your faith in romance , then, this hilarious kid is
dizzayyyy after anesthesia.

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