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First things first, friends—let’s talk about Met Ball drama. What’s the juiciest story to come out of fashion’s biggest night? Anna Wintour reportedly has a hate-on for Kim Kardashian.
Page Six reports that the reality TV star was deliberately left off the Met Ball invite list by the
Vogue editrix, who approves every star who attends the gala. “Kim and her camp will deny that she wasn’t invited, by saying she had business in LA, but that’s a lie. She would have done anything to be there with all the A-listers.” Apparently she wasn’t even allowed to
buy her way in, unlike Kate Upton. The
Sports Illustrated babe reportedly wrote a big fat cheque to get into the gala. [
Page Six] Speaking of the Met Ball, who else thought that listening to the photogs try and get their shot was even better than watching the celebs arrive? Our favourite moments: “Could you text somewhere else please? Would that be possible?” and “That shot would have looked great except for the idiot behind you!” [Met Ball livestream]
My boyfriend Tom Ford sat down to speak with Fern Mallis for the 92Y Fashion Icons Series in New York. Among his revelations: he hated carrying a knapsack as a child because he “thought it looked messy.” He also said never to hire anyone you wouldn’t want to have dinner with. On his advice to aspiring designers, Ford told the crowd: “If you love it, you’ll have a great life. But if there’s anything else you could be happy doing, do that. It’s a tough, tough business.” Word. [
Refinery 29 asked Jeanne Beker to pinpoint a few of her favourite fashion moments from 27 years of filming
Fashion Television, and the style maven didn’t disappoint. “I remember standing on the hood of a car in the snow in front of an old synagogue on the Lower East Side filming Anna Wintour being locked out of Alexander McQueen’s first New York show,” she dished. “Once, I was almost trampled to death trying to be the first one to shove my mic into Lindsay Lohan’s face after her design debut for Ungaro. What a total joke!” [
Refinery 29] “I don’t trust Prada. From what I know, the devil wears Prada and this is a Christian nation!” –Stephen Colbert to Anna Wintour [
Comedy Network] And finally, we were saddened to hear of the passing of Vidal Sassoon, one of the true beauty legends of our time.  [
The Guardian]