Yesterday it was all about extremes—except for the weather, which is beyond beautiful. I started the day with a backstage trip to Carven where the makeup look was about transparency and embracing imperfections, according to Romero Jennings, Director of makeup artistry for M.A.C Cosmetics. At Manish Arora, it was the OTT opposite, or to quote Kabuki, M.A.C’s makeup artist: “The overall feel is disco. It’s fantasy. It’s glitter. It’s sparkle. If a magpie could do makeup, it would end up like this. The only thing missing is a unicorn.”

Kabuki said he drew upon his own experiences with the disco era for inspiration. “I was involved in a mother-and-daughter disco dance class in the north of England; I was the only boy. It was all about everything being super shiny and glittery.”

The nails by Marian Newman were equally dramatic in gold and silver glitter, embellished with beads and dangling stars. The highlight was the 3-D henna created by Pavan, who holds the Guinness Book of Records for being the fastest henna artist. (Who knew?) “Manish didn’t want traditional henna; he wanted disco metallic, 3-D henna,” explained Newman. “The Manish girl is a very naughty girl who spends a lot of time in nightclubs; because she’s no naughty if you look at the henna you’ll see a willy and a fanny.”

PS: I went backstage at Vetements, where the look was about raw beauty. I’ll post that video later today … have to run to Dior backstage now!

Join me backstage at Carven with M.A.C Cosmetics


Join me backstage at Manish Arora with M.A.C Cosmetics 



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